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  1. Thank you, Tim and whoever else is responsible for bringing “The Crab” to the airwaves. Every time “The Crab “ is on I just want to ride up and down the causeway. I have listened to the ZEW for years and love the addition of the CRAB. And I do support the advertisers (Shoutout to Roger and Charles at the Tinder Box). Thanks again and keep up the good work! LOCAL RADIO FOREVER!!!!

  2. I love the station, but the signal is weak. I live in west Mobile, and the signal has bleed over with a rock station on the same frequency that broadcasts out of Jackson County in Mississippi.

  3. Hey I love yalls radio station and all the lesser heard songs yall play. I had a couple of questions, why do yall broadcast on two frequencies and do you think you’ll increase the signal strength of the station? I absolutely love the station but I get so much static out here in Dawes that its hard to listen sometimes, i can kinda of pick in my car, but there is no chance of picking it up on my record player at home unfortunately…

    Would it be ok for me to make a request? Can you play The Court of the Crimson King by King Crimson sometime? Its one of my favorite songs 🙂

    1. Thanks Dude! You got great taste!
      1. We were moving The Crab to 96.5 fm. Crab still lives on 92.1 HD2 too
      2. Hope the move to 96.5 will help. If you have HD receiver, tune to 92.1 fm HD 2. It should be more clear.

      To listen on line, Click Here.
      Also get The Crab on TuneIn, NextRadio, and Roku.

      3. Yes, we love requests & King Crimson. Will dig him up if we can.

      Thanks for listening!

  4. I am involved with a local band in mobile called: The Loww Down. We play southern rock. Love your station so far. Heard for first time today.

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