More Ways to Listen

There’s more than one way to catch The Crab!  

96.5 FM – 92.1 HD2
Online & Phone Apps –>  TuneIn, NextRadio and ROKU.

HD Digital – 92.1 fm / HD2 Secondary channel to 92ZEW.  Must have HD receiver. Most newer cars have them. Consult your car’s manual for directions.

You can purchase HD receivers for in your house too.

For a more detailed explanation and HD radio and model choices, check out


4 Replies to “More Ways to Listen”

  1. This is a great radio station in Mobile I haven’t heard of these songs and many years especially the good old wet willy which is born and raised here mobile I used to hearing play years ago for free again thank you all very much

  2. How do I find you on Tune In? I have downloaded the App and couldn’t find you by 92.3 the Crab. Thanks. Love the new station. I used to listen to Sirius on my drive to and from work. Now….who needs Sirius?

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