More Ways to Listen

There’s more than one way to catch The Crab!  

FM Tuner 92.5FM, Internet, Smartphone Radio Apps, and now HD Radio (92.1FM HD2).

HD RadioYou can get The Crab with various apps like TuneIn, NextRadio and ROKU.

You can also listen digitally with an HD receiver that picks up digital FM radio stations.  Radio stations can now have several formats on one frequency and designated as HD1, HD2, HD3, etc.

For a more detailed explanation and HD radio and model choices, check out

For example, 92.1 FM HD1 is 92ZEW.  But if you put it on HD2, you will hear The Crab.  The Crab is re-broadcast on 92.5 FM. Not all HD2, HD3 stations are rebroadcast however.

Again, you can only pick up the HD channels with an HD receiver. The channels are free to listen to though.  Most newer car models are  equipped with HD, but if not, you can buy one for auto and home.

Some of the advantages of HD include crisp and clean audio, song & artist information, song tagging for itunes, rewind and more.



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